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Spencer Dinwiddie reacts to Davis Bertans sitting out NBA restart with intriguing question

Spencer Dinwiddie, Davis Bertans, Nets

Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie had a thought-provoking response to Washington Wizards forward Davis Bertans becoming the first NBA player to formally decide to sit out the remainder of the season. Players have until Wednesday, June 24 to make an official decision whether or not to take part in the Walt Disney World restart of the season in Orlando.

Dinwiddie, always the free-thinker, challenged the concept that sitting out would be the best way to go about netting a free agent deal, considering the league could decide on a lockout as the all-around revenue could take a major nosedive when it’s all said and done.

It’s worth noting that ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski pointed out that Bertans had two prior ACL injuries and saw it this restart as risky due to his pre-existing condition. His decision to sit out was a preventative measure — as sporting a long-term injury after a five-month hiatus would ruin his chances to net the biggest payday of his NBA career.

Dinwiddie later pointed out that if Bertans wants to stay in Washington (which owns his Bird Rights), he will. Yet the $15 million the Wizards could look to pay him could look a lot more like $10-or-12 million once the league revenue is taken into account for the next salary cap.

Teams will no longer have that much money to spend and free agents could be looking at a steep decline in their awaited paydays — a byproduct of the coronavirus pandemic and an existing tiff with the league’s biggest overseas partner — CCTV in China.

Dinwiddie is by no means questioning Bertans’ decision, but rather pointing out that even a healthy young marksman of his caliber will see the effects of the league’s financial struggles for years to come.