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Nets head coach Steve Nash drops truth bomb on plans for James Harden next season

Steve Nash, James Harden, Nets

The Brooklyn Nets are currently the favorites to win it all next season. With their Big 3 of Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving, there’s virtually no one that can stop the Nets… except for injuries. Harden, the team’s primary playmaker, was a shell of himself in the 2021 playoffs due to a hamstring injury he sustained in the regular season.

With that in mind, Nets head coach Steve Nash understands the importance of keeping James Harden fresh for the playoffs. (via SiriusXM NBA Radio)

“…So if we can keep him healthy… put him in a position to continue to improve through the season and individually. We [Nets] know what he’s able to do as a playmaker, what he’s able to do as a leader. It will be pivotal for us for him to be healthy and for him to continue to grow physically after pretty ‘stop and start’ last year.

That’s the number one thing. His health and maintaining it, and getting himself into better and better condition, rhythm, shape… all those things that allow him to play his highest level. That would be icing on the cake.”

With Kyrie Irving potentially missing a significant amount of time due to his stance on getting vaccinated, the Nets will likely lean on Harden more to handle the ball and set up the offense. We’ve seen what Harden can do when he’s healthy; he’s an MVP candidate who has everything you want from a lead guard. One can argue that Harden is the most important player on the Nets because of his blend playmaking and scoring.

The onus is now on the Steve Nash and the Nets organization to keep Harden healthy and ready for the most important part of the season. That means that the guard reserves have to step up and keep the Nets afloat when Harden rests, so he plays less minutes. If James Harden is 100% in the Playoffs, it’s all over for the rest of the league.