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RUMOR: Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving’s role in forcing Nets to sign DeAndre Jordan

Nets, Lakers, DeAndre Jordan

Everybody knows by now that Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving pushed for the Brooklyn Nets to sign center DeAndre Jordan in 2019. Apparently, however, the team never wanted to give him a four-year contract and they were just cornered to making the deal.

According to Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report, the Nets were forced to sign Jordan to the long-term contract since it came as a package deal for both Durant and Irving. Interestingly though, Fischer noted that such stance has also been the source of tension between Brooklyn and the veteran center.

“I have been told that Brooklyn never wanted to sign DeAndre to a four-year contract and that it got announced….in the madness, excitement of landing Kevin and Kyrie. It was basically told to Brooklyn in hindsight, after they kind of even agreed to a two-year deal, that no, if you want these other guys, you are taking DeAndre at this four-year contract,” Fischer said.

“I think has also been a source of tension and something that’s bubbled beneath the surface for a long-time now as well.”

To recall, DeAndre Jordan signed a four-year, $40 million deal with the Nets in 2019 after Brooklyn got both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. However, it was not known back then that Brooklyn didn’t like the deal at all.

It certainly didn’t help that Jordan reportedly demanded to be the starting center of the team over the now-traded Jarrett Allen–a bold move that backfired on him.

Jordan has since been traded and bought out to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers. Now, he gets a chance to fight his former team in a Lakers team that actually wants him.