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RUMOR: Nets’ Kyrie Irving initially had ‘no plan’ after asking players to sit out season restart


A group of NBA players that took part on the Zoom call last Friday were left expecting a plan of action after Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving suggested they should sit out the restart of the 2019-20 season as a form of protest.

“They were asking, ‘What’s the plan?'” a source familiar with the call said of the response of some veterans on the call, according to SNY’s Ian Begley. “Even the players who supported the idea of sitting, they were asking about a plan of action. There was no plan.'”

ESPN’s Kendrick Perkins said as much during a long rant on Get Up on Wednesday, revealing that the Nets point guard made the suggestion without a clear cut plan of action;

“In my opinion, when you look at Kyrie, I’m okay with you changing your mind and having a different way of thinking and saying we need to take a stance and sit out, but what is the plan after that? He didn’t have one,” said Perkins.

Players like Kyrie Irving and Avery Bradley are still considering sitting out the season, but the players’ coalition has since asked for improved hiring practices that would allow for the employment of black front-office and head-coaching candidates — a change that will allow the league’s management to better reflect a sport comprised of predominantly black players.

The coalition also asked for donations to organizations serving black communities and partnerships with black-owned businesses and vendors.

Many people in touch with players aware of the sentiments emanating from last Friday’s Zoom call believe that the season will ultimately restart at Walt Disney World as planned.

“Some guys may sit out, but I’d be stunned if there weren’t games in Orlando this summer,” a source familiar with Friday’s call said.

For what it’s worth, changes have started to be made as Troy Weaver, a black executive, signed a four-year deal to become the Detroit Pistons general manager on Thursday — one that made him the ninth black active GM in the league.