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New DualSense PS5 Controller Colors: Midnight Black and Cosmic Red

DualSense PS5 Controllers Midnight Black Cosmic Red Classic White

There are two new colors for the PS5 DualSense controller, bumping the total number to three. Joining the pristine white color of the original White color design are Cosmic Red and Midnight Black. Sony first revealed the two new colors in a blog post last month. They even released a reveal trailer for the new PS5 controller models to show off the stylistic look of the new models.

Sony releases two new PS5 DualSense Colors: Midnight Black and Cosmic Red

The two new colors continue the galaxy-esque and Space Odyssey vibe of the PlayStation 5. The sleek-looking controllers are the first new colors or model redesigns for any of the PlayStation 5’s peripherals. The Midnight Black DualSense controller, on the other hand, fits really well with the Black Darkplate design for the console’s customizable plates. (Note: the Black Darkplates are not official Sony products, but are instead a third-party product offered by dbrand.)

The two new DualSense controller designs arrive in retail on June 11, 2021, stateside, June 18, 2021, in the UK. The Midnight Black version retails for a slightly higher price at $69.99, while the Cosmic Red version retails for $74.99. We’re imagining that it’s more expensive simply because it features two colors, rather than just one. But come to think of it, the original White design actually has two as well – Black and White? Huh…