Newspaper staff stands by intentional decision of using Crying Jordan for violence article
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Newspaper staff stands by intentional decision of using Crying Jordan for violence article

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A newspaper from Malawi may have misused the Crying Jordan in the most uncharacteristic way, and it’s hard to believe.

The newspaper featured an article on Michael Jordan‘s statement on race relations after tensions rose due to the killings of both civilians and police officers.

The accompanying header photo was the Crying Jordan, which is mainly used as an internet “meme” for jokes and laughs, and usually for explaining the overall feeling of embarrassing sports moments.

The article stirred a bit of controversy when the author was confronted by the Huffington Post regarding the misappropriation of the Crying Jordan to preface the article, when he decided to stand by the headline, and said it was an intentional usage of the picture.

Chirwa told us that when he read the story, he felt that the emotions packed within Jordan’s quote, “I could no longer keep silent,” were represented in the Michael Jordan Crying meme.

“I just imagined him crying,” Chirwa wrote via WhatsApp.

Ndovi echoed Chirwa’s sentiments:

The article on Jordan reacting to the violence in U.S. was just the perfect one for the meme to be used. It depicts the emotional state of the former NBA star. Though it might seem unconventional, what other photo could be more suitable than the infamous Crying Jordan meme?

This may be the only case of the Crying Jordan used with no comedic intent on record.

While it’s not such a big deal considering the gravity of the published story as the author stated, it’s also difficult to believe that not one person in the paper’s organization didn’t understand what the photo’s actual meaning is.

The story garnered much attention from the internet, and a few sports news outlets, so their mission was intently accomplished.

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