NFL Draft: Charley Casserly places Baker Mayfield ahead of Jared Goff
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Former NFL GM claims Baker Mayfield is ‘better than Jared Goff out of college’

Baker Mayfield, Browns

Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield may have just received his top recommendation up to his point of the 2018 NFL Draft process.

With Mayfield preparing for the Senior Bowl this week, former NFL general manager, Charley Casserly, is paying close attention and in fact, already believes the 2017 Heisman Trophy recipient is ahead of 2016’s No. 1 overall pick, Jared Goff, via Jeremy Bergman of

“He’s better than [Jared] Goff coming out of college. That’s Baker Mayfield,” Casserly said on NFL Network. “And [Patrick] Mahomes, same system a little bit. He’s got more discipline than Mahomes. Mahomes has a better arm but this guy can be successful too in the right system.”

“He’s better than Goff coming out of college.” Casserly doesn’t just skirt past the issue; he drops a talent-evaluating bomb on everybody when we least expected it.

It’s quite interesting to think of Goff when Mayfield’s name pops up. Usually, and for natural reasons (spread offense, Big 12 conference, bad boy attitude, shorter statured signal-caller), Mayfield’s name goes toe-to-toe with NFL flunkie Johnny Manziel. In fact, earlier in the week, the names of Baker and Manziel found a way to connect, much to the chagrin of the 2018 prospect.

The former Washington Redskins general manager even addressed the Manziel comparisons.

“Get outta here [with the Manziel comparisons]! … This guy’s a player. He don’t have half the problems Manziel had, off the field.”

Mayfield, who on a typical year might have been a clear-cut No. 1 overall choice due to his mind-boggling senior season, is battling in one of the richest quarterback classes in recent memory.

USC’s Sam Darnold, UCLA’s Josh Rosen, and Wyoming’s Josh Allen are all right there in the thick of the top 10, similarly to the former Oklahoma big man on campus.

Some say he’s too short. Others claim he’s too rowdy. Some think he’s the next Russell Wilson game-changing QB, so many teams salivate over.

At the very least, Charley Casserly is all-aboard the Baker Mayfield hype train.