NFL Draft news: Dan Patrick claims Joe Burrow isn't on board with Bengals
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Dan Patrick claims Joe Burrow isn’t 100 percent on board with Bengals after interview

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Dan Patrick isn’t so sure that NFL Draft prospect Joe Burrow is 100 percent on board with the Cincinnati Bengals. Patrick had a sitdown interview with Burrow and on Tuesday analyzed everything that the projected number one pick had to say.

Patrick said he thinks if Burrow wanted to be drafted by the Bengals, he would come out and say it, something the NFL Draft prospect hasn’t done up to this point.

“If Joe Burrow really wanted to go to the Bengals, he would say ‘I hope they draft me. I want to go No. 1 and I want to bring that team back to the Super Bowl. If you’re all in on the Bengals, then it would sound like you’re all in on the Bengals. He’s keeping his options open here because I don’t know if he’s all-in on the Cincinnati Bengals.”

During Super Bowl week, Burrow said he would love to be the number one pick, but he also wanted to go to a team that was committed to winning. Usual NFL Draft drama.

“A combination of both,” Burrow said via 247 Sports. “You know, you want to go No. 1 overall, but you also want to go to a great organization that’s committed to winning and committed to winning Super Bowls.”

When Burrow was asked if he would pull an Eli Manning and refuse to go to the Bengals before the NFL Draft, he claimed he as just happy to be in the position.

Thus could be just an over-analysis of words, but maybe there is something to Burrow not wanting to be with the Bengals.