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NFL informs Las Vegas hotels that 2020 NFL Draft won’t take place as planned

The NFL has already made some changes to future events due to the coronavirus situation and the 2020 NFL Draft could be next. According to Andy Slater of Fox Sports, the league has informed Las Vegas hotels that the 2020 NFL Draft won’t take place as planned.

On Sunday morning, the league confirmed that the new Collective Bargaining Agreement was approved following a majority vote from the players. With a new CBA being ratified, the NFL can begin to turn its attention to the upcoming events in the offseason.

Earlier this week, the NFL canceled the annual owner meetings that were scheduled to take place from March 29-April 1. In addition, the league took action and advised teams to discontinue their pre-draft visits.

Now, it appears that the draft next month could be in jeopardy of being postponed or altered. Ever since 2018, the NFL planned on holding the draft in Las Vegas to help bring some attention to the Las Vegas Raiders moving to their new stadium.

Aside from the draft, some teams are concerned that the beginning of free agency will be pushed back to a later date. As a matter of fact, Sean Payton believes that the NFL will make a change to free agency before the new league year begins on Wednesday.

Luckily for the NFL, they are among the shortlist of sports leagues that haven’t had their regular season affected by the coronavirus. However, the league seems to be adjusting their offseason in accordance to the coronavirus issue that is plaguing the nation.