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C.J. Anderson appears to be done with football after Seahawks decide not to sign him


C.J. Anderson. That’s a name you haven’t heard since last postseason in the NFL. After an incredibly surprising run with the Los Angeles Rams, Anderson seemingly disappeared into nothingness. He signed a contract with the Detroit Lions, which isn’t that far off from total anonymity. Anderson only appeared in two games for the Lions in 2019, totaling 43 yards on 16 carries before being released.

The former Denver Bronco actually got a tryout with the Seattle Seahawks after their slew of running back injuries but didn’t impress enough to get the job. Anderson then hinted at being done with football for good on his personal Twitter account via Pro Football Talk.

“Lord knows what I want to say. If he leaks then text messages that would make my day. Man oh man this is the reason why I’m done with ball. Performance base business huh. You don’t even know the half of It. It would be rude to all Seattle fans what they told me and my agent. Once again that’s the Game not Football there is a difference,” Anderson wrote. “Some of the people never have to experience the Game. I’m Happy for those people. Unfortunately I was the unlucky one who had to play the Game instead of football. All started back April 9 2017. The Football was no longer football for me. It became the Game after that.” Anderson said.

Anderson appears to be fed up with the NFL, but that’s not making anyone lose sleep. It was unlikely that any team would sign Anderson, especially after he was unable to impress Seattle.