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Video: Cowboys-Chargers NFL fan brawl the latest shenanigans at SoFi Stadium

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It seems like every week there’s a fight at SoFi Stadium, even going back to the NFL preseason. Week 1, there was a big brawl after the Los Angeles Rams’ home game against the Chicago Bears. The shenanigans started in the stands during the game and then escalated in the concourse area after the game.

This past weekend, there was another big NFL fan brawn at SoFi, this time between Los Angeles Chargers fans and Dallas Cowboys fans. This fight was in the parking lot of the stadium, and it began with two women screaming at each other. Things escalated and more people got involved, with a Chargers fan ultimately getting pummeled by Cowboys fans.

The brawl resulted in lots of blood and a busted car mirror. Nobody showed up to break up the fight until well after the fight was over.

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Here’s some video courtesy of TMZ Sports:

This is just an absolute disaster, and apparently it wasn’t the only big fight at SoFi Stadium on Sunday. Per TMZ, one fight “ended up with people inside the stadium’s water feature.” That’s a big yikes!

With fans coming back to stadiums over the course of 2021, there have been a number of unruly incidents. The NBA featured plenty of ugliness from fans, and now we’re seeing big brawls break out on the regular at NFL games. Booze and sports is certainly a recipe for increased tensions and all that, but people really need to chill the hell out when attending sporting events.