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Cris Carter says he feels ’embarrassed’ for Raiders WR Antonio Brown

Cris Carter, Antonio Brown

It’s been a rough week for Antonio Brown. The constantly embattled wide receiver mocked former teammate JuJu Smith-Schuster on Twitter, and has since been widely condemned for his actions.

Instead of backing down, Antonio Brown has refused to acknowledge error or apologize, and continued antagonizing Smith-Schuster on Instagram. The attacks came out of nowhere, as Smith-Schuster didn’t say or do anything to provoke him. Instead, Brown was responding to a random fan who Tweeted at him about Smith-Schuster winning the Steelers’ MVP award when he attacked him for a critical fumble he had last season.

Brown’s behavior on social media recently has been nothing short of erratic, and it’s drawn a lot of criticism from fellow players. Hall of Fame receiver Cris Carter is among those calling out Brown today, saying he is “embarrassed” for the Oakland Raiders’ All-Pro.

Check out the comments from Carter below on his FS1 show ‘First Things First’:

“I’m embarrassed for AB. I’m embarrassed he thought he was actually doing something by putting JuJu’s DM message up there. You know what it did? Gave JuJu a lot of fans,” Carter said.

The former Vikings star has a good point. Smith-Schuster came out of the interaction looking mature and composed, while Brown did nothing but harm himself. Brown posted a direct message Smith-Schuster sent him years ago, politely asking for any tips he might have on how to improve his game.

Whatever Brown was trying to accomplish, it backfired. Carter is far from alone in his sentiment, and many former and current players are speaking out.

It’ll be telling to see whether Brown ever decides to apologize.