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Jets should take Celtics route, pass on drafting Trevor Lawrence

Trevor Lawrence, Celtics, Jets, NFL

Former NFL player Keyshawn Johnson doesn’t believe the New York Jets should draft Trevor Lawernce if they get one of the top picks in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Johnson believes they should take the ‘ Boston Celtics route’ — by trading their top pick for a bunch of picks so that they can find multiple players to rebuild their team.

“I don’t understand why they think that the quarterback is the answer when they have one that they need to put pieces around,” the former NFL talent said on his ESPN Radio show on Thursdayvia Report Door. “You take that number one pick and you trade it. And you do what the Boston Celtics in basketball have done — you stockpile a bunch of picks, and then you start to find guys that can help you build your damn team!”

There’s a good chance the Jets will get the No. 1 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. They’re currently the only winless team in the NFL, and also, their schedule isn’t getting any easier for the rest of the season. 

Trevor Lawrence, who won a national title with Clemson University in 2019, is one of the hottest prospects in the 2021 NFL Draft. However, Johnson doesn’t they should draft him because quarterback Sam Darnold isn’t the problem. Instead, he believes they should surround him will more talent on the offensive side, similar to what the Indianapolis Colts did with Peyton Manning.

If the Jets do get the No. 1, they could certainly trade back for multiple picks in the 2021 Draft.