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NFL notifies teams that training camp to push through, despite health concerns


The NFL has had a training camp date (or dates) set for some time now. Those dates are for the rookies to report on July 21, the quarterbacks and injured players to report on July 23 and the rest of the players to report on July 28.

Lately though, more and more concerns have been popping up about player safety. The coronavirus pandemic has not really gone anywhere. And suddenly it’s a much more real threat to the NFL than they originally thought.

And that’s leading to some players, fans, coaches and personnel wondering if starting in just a few days is the right move.

However, according to Michael David Smith of ProFootballTalk.com, the league has informed it’s teams that the dates originally put into place are still happening.

“NFL Executive V.P. of Football Operations Troy Vincent sent a memo to all 32 GMs and head coaches today, telling them that the schedule remains in place: Rookies are to report on July 21, quarterbacks and injured players are to report on July 23 and all other players are to report on July 28.”

So it’s pretty simple. Those dates are happening. At least, that first one definitely is.

It’s hard to see something happening between now and the 21st that will stop that. It’s barely two days away at this point.

Now, if some major outbreaks were to happen at camp between then and the 28th, maybe they will switch things up. That remains to be seen if that happens though, and if that would even be the reaction.

The NFL is definitely hoping that once teams get into camp though, a semblance of normalcy may return to the league as a whole. Of course, that’s barring any major flare up of new infections.

Looks like the league is willing to take the risk, for now.