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Lions’ Barry Sanders describes being ‘star struck’ meeting Giants’ Lawrence Taylor

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When it comes to 1990s NFL stars, few were bigger than the Detroit Lions’ legendary running back Barry Sanders. But before the former Heisman Trophy winner could barely get a chance to show off his incredible ball-carrying talent, Sanders would have an unforgettable run in with one of the league’s biggest stars, Lawrence Taylor.

Yesterday, Pride of Detroit posted a question to their followers: “What’s your favorite encounter with a professional athlete?” The tweet was met with numerous replies but none more notable than from Hall of Famer Sanders.

Sanders looked back on a moment he shared with the two-time Super Bowl champion after a game between Taylor’s Giants and his Detroit Lions. In his tweet, the 1989 Rookie of the Year gave Taylor a shoutout and recalled how star struck he was meeting him in just his second game as a pro.

Taylor wasn’t known as the nicest guy on the football field so it makes sense that this moment had a lasting effect on Sanders, who was only 21 years old at the time. It may also speak to Taylor’s respect for the running back’s game, which he also stressed in his response to Sanders’ tweet.

During their time in the NFL, both players would only play for one team. In their tenures with their respective franchises, Sanders and Taylor would both be named to 10 Pro Bowls and were 10-time First-Team All-Pros. Both would also be named NFL MVPs, Taylor in 1986 and Sanders in 1997.