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NFL extends franchise tag deadline to Monday


Nearly a week ago, the NFL held firm that the deadline for franchise tags would be on Thursday. But in recent days, the NFL began to consider moving the deadline back. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the NFL has extended the franchise tag deadline to Monday.

Earlier this offseason, the NFL and NFLPA agreed to extend the beginning of the franchise tag period. Now, it appears they are giving teams more time to utilize the franchise tag by pushing back the deadline.

The decision to move the deadline to Monday is undoubtedly due to the league postponing the vote for the new Collective Bargaining Agreement to March 14. Therefore, teams will have two days after the CBA is voted upon to decide whether or not to use their franchise tags.

The results of the new CBA vote will determine whether or not teams can use two tags or just one. If the new CBA fails to pass, then teams would have an opportunity to use a franchise tag and transition. On the other hand, if the proposed CBA passes, then teams would be limited to one franchise tag.

Of course, teams like the Dallas Cowboys and Tennessee Titans are waiting for the results on the new CBA. Once the results are revealed, those teams — along with others —will have a better understanding of what their options are.

Also, on March 16 — the day the deadline was pushed back to — the legal tampering period for free agency is set to begin. Therefore, next Monday is going to be a busy day in the NFL.