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NFLPA president J.C. Tretter details how season can take place safely

NFLPA, Browns, J.C. Tretter

The NFL is attempting to configure ways to conduct the 2020 NFL season despite the coronavirus pandemic persisting. J.C. Tretter, the NFLPA president and center for the Cleveland Browns, detailed how the regular season can take place safely.

The beginning of the 2020 NFL season is scheduled to happen on Thursday, September 10. As of this moment, the NFL plans on beginning their season as planned.

However, the NFL has to come up with contingency plans in case the season isn’t able to happen on time. Plus, the league needs to make sure that it is safe for the players to play football amid the coronavirus. Tretter preached that safety needs to be the utmost priority for the NFL in terms of a return to the field.

As Tretter mentioned, football is a contact sport, thus making it more likely that players could transmit the coronavirus. Therefore, if the NFL is able to play again, Tretter wants to assure that players are able to prevent anyone from contracting the coronavirus and properly handling any positive cases.

Earlier this offseason, both Von Miller and Brian Allen tested positive for the coronavirus. Given that, the NFL has already seen multiple players contract the virus. If another player — and particularly a starting quarterback — were to get the coronavirus, and particularly during the season, the NFL would have to address the situation seriously.

Tretter wants to make sure the league is prepared for anything before returning to the field and to protect his fellow players with the backing of the NFLPA. Luckily, the NFL has a few months to conduct a safe way to conduct the 2020 regular season.