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NFLPA President J.C. Tretter issues statement on George Floyd’s death

NFLPA, Browns, J.C. Tretter

There have been plenty of athletes, from the NFL and other leagues, to speak out on the unfortunate murder of George Floyd, and J.C. Tretter is among the latest. Tretter, the NFLPA president and center for the Cleveland Browns, issued a statement on Floyd’s death on Saturday, via his official Twitter account.

Like many people who watched the disgusting video of Floyd’s death, Tretter felt a range of emotions. At the same time, he realizes that it is far overdue for our country to begin ending the injustices bestowed upon people of color.

Also, as Tretter said, there are many people who can’t relate to the experiences that people of color have to endure in today’s society. Therefore, those people could be hesitant to voice their opinion on the matter at hand. However, Tretter realizes that for change to occur, more people need to begin standing against the wrongdoings in today’s world.

Besides Tretter, Joe Burrow and Derek Carr have been among the NFL players who aren’t African American to speak on the issue. While they may not see the impact it has now, having players like Burrow, Carr and Tretter speaking out against the issues can begin to advance the movement towards actual equality.

For years, people of color have been attempting to protest and voice their concerns with how they are treated in today’s world. And for years, many people around the world have chosen to ignore their voices.

Unfortunately, nothing anyone says or does is going to be able to bring back Floyd. However, hopefully Tretter’s message — along with those of the other athletes — can aid in making progress toward correcting what is wrong.