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NFLPA unwilling to compromise on players’ health, per representative Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman

The NFL and NFLPA are still hashing out the specifics on the upcoming season amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Richard Sherman, the All-Pro cornerback for the San Francisco 49ers and an executive committee member of the NFLPA, shared that the NFLPA is unwilling to compromise on players’ health in 2020.

On Monday night, Sherman announced on Twitter: “Good meeting today with management. We were blunt and honest with them we will not compromise our players health in these discussions.”

While the NFL is longing to begin training camps later this month, there still isn’t a set date for players to report. One large reason for the delay in a contingent date being set is the NFLPA doesn’t believe the league has made player safety its number one priority.

A week ago, J.C. Tretter — the NFLPA president and center of the Cleveland Brownscalled out the NFL for its lack of concern pertaining to players’ health. Tretter revealed that the league has refused to listen to the recommendations given to them by professional doctors and trainers. Therefore, he proceeded to say that the NFL’s negligence could prevent a season from taking place.

Some people seem to believe that NFL players are immune from contracting the coronavirus. However, it’s already been proven that it can affect guys like Von Miller this offseason.

With football being a contact sport, the NFL will need to take extra precautions to ensure the safety of the players. Until they do that though, Richard Sherman and other players aren’t going to be comfortable suiting up in 2020.