NFL news: No team offered Colin Kaepernick a workout invitation after Saturday's session
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No team offered Colin Kaepernick a workout invitation after Saturday’s session

Colin Kaepernick, NFL

Colin Kaepernick’s Saturday work out caused its fair share of noise. However, it didn’t leave the polarizing unemployed quarterback with a job, at least, not yet.

According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, Kaepernick’s “representatives have not heard from any teams with either an invitation to work out privately or an offer to sign a contract.”

A lack of interest in Kaepernick should not be surprised. Though he showed on Saturday that he still has the arm talent to play at the highest level, the NFL has not shown consistent interest in him since he became an unrestricted free agent in March of 2017. Now that he is 32 years old, the NFL is wrapping up Week 11 and with the film on him so scarce, signing him for football reasons is not whole fully sound.

Or perhaps it’s something bigger than timing. Perhaps, as he alludes to, he is being blackballed by the NFL. Sunday’s planned work out certainly did not help change that narrative. From bouncing around details to the session being hastily organized to the endless, not so great for the NFL, rumors, his league workout did not seem to be what it was thought to be.

Some believe that Kaepernick may not truly want to play, either (Stephan A. Smith).

Nothing is definite in the three-year-long Colin Kaepernick case. However, maybe one thing is. Despite his efforts to work his way back into the high level of football, he has been unsuccessful. He doesn’t get to don an NFL jersey. With the days going by, we are left wondering if he will ever make it back to football at all.