NFL news: Peyton Manning on if he'll follow Eli's footsteps by joining Twitter
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Peyton Manning on if he’ll follow Eli’s footsteps by joining Twitter

Peyton Manning

Future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning is in no rush to join his younger brother, Eli, in creating a Twitter account.

Manning came on “The Rich Eisen Show” on Tuesday, cracking jokes about his relatively nascent feel for modern technology and social media.

While discussing Eli’s decision to join Twitter, Eisen asked Peyton whether he would consider doing the same.

Peyton said he is unlikely to bite the bullet (via Jon Heath of USA TODAY):

“I wouldn’t hold your breath,” Peyton said when asked if he’ll follow Eli to Twitter. “I wouldn’t hold your breath. You know, I’m still — I used to have a flip phone up until years ago, Rich, so I’m kind of catching up.”

Manning says he follows social media a little bit but he is in no rush to join any social networks.

“I can kind of keep up a little bit, you know, but I’m probably not as up to date as probably everybody else.”

Interestingly enough, Eli christened his Twitter account just before Peyton teamed with Tiger Woods in a charity golf match against Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson this past Sunday.

Eli tweeted out a storm during the match, trolling Brady and supporting his older brother while also making a funny reference to a commercial he did with Odell Beckham Jr.

Eli was known more for deadpan humor throughout his career, but he is off to a flying start.

Peyton, meanwhile, has always been one of the funniest players in the game, and one of the most marketable. From commercials to hosting “Saturday Night Live,” Peyton has often been given the chance to showcase his comedic chops.

Just do not expect big brother to join Eli on Twitter.