NFL news: Players react to blown pass interference call in Rams vs. Saints NFC title game
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NFL players react to blown pass interference call in Rams vs. Saints NFC title game

Tommylee Lewis, Saints, Rams, Nickell Robey-Coleman

Despite the fact that the majority of NFL players were watching from their respective couches on Sunday, that did not stop a slew of players from commenting on this year’s controversial NFC Championship Game.

As everyone on Planet Earth knows by now, the New Orleans Saints got hosed for the second consecutive postseason. After enduring the Minnesota Vikings and “Minneapolis Miracle” just last season, the Saints were most recently the victim of a blown call late in the game against the Los Angeles Rams — a matchup that was eventually won in overtime by the very fortunate NFC West franchise.

Specifically, Rams defensive back Nickell Robey-Coleman should have been penalized on a play that saw Saints wide receiver Tommylee Lewis interfered with. Whether it was pass interference, a hold or even a helmet-to-helmet hit, the Rams defender should have most certainly been penalized, setting the Saints up in prime position to take over the game for good. However, the call was missed, and the Rams went on to win the game in overtime. As a result, the Rams will be suiting up in Super Bowl LIII while the Saints will be joining the ranks of the couch-dwellers — again!

Let’s take a look at what the rest of the league had to say this time.

Although everyone reacted in their own way, one thing is for sure — every single person in the world is in agreement that the call was missed. Even Robey-Coleman admitted that he hit Lewis incredibly early after the Saints wideout beat him downfield.