NFL news: Tom Brady will tie Mark Sanchez's road playoff win total with a victory Sunday
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Tom Brady will tie Mark Sanchez’s NFL road playoff win total with a victory Sunday

Tom Brady, Mark Sanchez

Washington Redskins quarterback Mark Sanchez has not had much to hang his hat on lately. Fortunately, he can take solace in the fact that he still has one edge over New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Brady finds himself in familiar territory going into the AFC Championship Game this week. According to Pro Football Reference, he is still a couple of postseason wins away from surpassing Sanchez’s road playoff win total:

Tom Brady is technically 3-4 in road playoff starts, although in his first one against the Steelers in Jan. 2002, he left in the first half with New England leading 7-3 (on a punt return TD), Drew Bledsoe came in and led the Patriots to victory:

This is certainly an intriguing statistic. It would have been far-fetched to assume that Sanchez surpassed Brady in any positive category, let alone road playoff wins. Perhaps his most notable win came when he and the Jets upset the heavily favored Patriots in the AFC Divisional Round back in 2010.

Of course, there are a number of factors that have attributed to Brady’s poor road record in the playoffs. For starters, New England usually has home-field advantage more often than not thanks to their dominant performance in the regular season for nearly the past two decades. Regardless, his overall record on the road shows that is when the Patriots are at their most vulnerable. Brady will have a chance to tie Sanchez’s win total this weekend as New England hits the road to play the Kansas City Chiefs.