NFL news: Tony Romo reveals whether he'll allow his sons to play football
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NFL analyst Tony Romo reveals whether he’ll allow his sons to play football

Tony Romo, Cowboys

Tony Romo’s keen ability to predict play calls and diagnose the on-field action made him a breakout star of the NFL playoffs.

But the CBS Sports broadcaster and former Dallas Cowboys quarterback, believe it or not, can’t see into the future, and is uncomfortable with his kids playing football at a young age as a result.

Romo made the comments during a recent appearance on the Phil in the Blanks podcast by Dr. Phil, insisting that he won’t let his three young sons play football until eighth grade at the earliest:

“I don’t think I’ll ever discourage them from doing anything,” he said of the notion of outlawing football altogether. “Like to me, it goes back to what you said, ‘if you really like this go play it.’ What I won’t allow them, from my dad perspective, if everything’s the same as it is 10 years from now…they won’t play tackle football until 8th grade. That’ll be the first time we’ll let them [play].”

The four-time Pro Bowler clearly has some reservations about the long-term impact a contact sport like football has on the human brain. Studies indicate that young children are more susceptible to concussions than adults, too.

Still, Tony Romo apparently wouldn’t be too concerned about the potential for head injuries while watching his kids suit up on the gridiron:

“I don’t think I’d be afraid,” he said when asked about the prospect of head injuries. “I know about my whole history and I don’t think you do anything afraid. I think if you’re playing, you’re playing. But if you’re thinking about that then you shouldn’t be playing.”

Romo retired in 2016 after a 14-year NFL career, all of it spent with the Cowboys.

He and wife Candice Crawford have three sons, Hawkins, Rivers, and Jones.