Portland Trail Blazers' Noah Vonleh probable vs. Phoenix Suns tonight
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Portland Trail Blazers’ Noah Vonleh probable vs. Phoenix Suns tonight

noah vonleh

Portland Trail Blazers forward Noah Vonleh‘s status is probable before Friday’s preseason game versus the Phoenix Suns.

Vonleh has been inactive since August 31 when he underwent a surgical procedure to remove a bone fragment from his right thigh.

Since being cleared to practice, Vonleh says it feels great to be back on the court.

It’s great being back out there. It felt like it’s been forever. I’m just trying to stay locked in in practice, because I missed some time. I’m just enjoying the process and being back out there.

This week, the past couple days, I’ve been doing all the contract drills, the four-on-four, three-on-three, the five-on-five, whatever the coaches were doing. We had a station where we did one-on-one’s, I did that, too. I just got done playing one-on-one over there, king of the court, and I felt good.

Chances are he will get spot minutes on the floor Friday, but won’t be treated as a heavy contributor early.

The Blazers matchup with the Suns Friday night at 10 p.m. EST.

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