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Novak Djokovic net worth 2021

Novak Djokovic’s net worth in 2021

Novak Djokovic will indeed go down as one of tennis’ all-time greats once it’s all said and done, and his success on the court has resulted in him amassing a truly impressive net worth in 2021. The 34-year-old Serbian sensation has embodied greatness since turning pro in 2003 and has continued to improve as time has passed. He is currently ranked world No. 1 in the men’s singles rankings and was the first-ever player to hold all four major titles on three different surfaces.

Novak Djokovic’s net worth in 2021 (estimate): $220 million

Novak Djokovic Australian Open Tennis Daniil Medvedev

All in all, Djokovic has a grand total of 19 Grand Slam singles titles to his name (third-most among male players) after winning the 2021 French Open. He is also a five-time ATP Finals winner and has 36 ATP Tour Masters 1000 titles and 14 ATP Tour 500 titles, among many other impressive accolades.

Djokovic’s fame and glory, of course, also comes with an incomprehensible amount of wealth. As of 2021, the nine-time Australian Open Winner has a staggering net worth of $220 million.

This is not all that surprising considering he has earned over $148 million in tournament prize money throughout his career — topping Roger Federer’s total of just under $130 million. It’s no surprise that he’s also the first tennis player to win $100 million in tournament earnings. Djokovic even set the record for the most prize money won in a single season when he collected a cool $12 million in 2011.

While more than half of his net worth was earned on the tennis court, Djokovic has also maximized his growing brand by exploring plenty of ventures off of it. The Serbian reportedly rakes in tens of millions of dollars annually by lending his likeness to many prestigious brands.

He inked a lucrative deal in 2012 when Uniqlo gave him a five-year contract to serve as brand ambassador for the company. The deal was reportedly worth 8 million euros per year (over $9 million). Once that agreement ended in 2017, Djokovic inked another lucrative five-year deal with Lacoste, which earns him $9.4 million yearly.

Djokovic also sports ASICS shoes during tournaments and has been a longtime endorser of the brand. He prefers to use racquets made by manufacturer Head and has also vouched for the product’s on-court performance numerous times.

Since 2014, Japanese watch brand Seiko also forks over $5 million annually to Djokovic to serve as their global ambassador. He appeared in several commercials for Serbian telecommunications company Telekom Srbija and German nutritional supplement brand FitLine.

Nole also netted plenty of dough from previous engagements with winemaker Jacob’s Creek, luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz and Swiss watchmaker Audemars Piguet. Not to mention, his deal with sports apparel giant Adidas.

His ever-growing repertoire of brands now includes at least 12 companies across eight different industries. While multiple injuries hampered his production in 2018, Djokovic’s still earned 94 percent of his total earnings that year from sponsorship deals alone. He recently added Peugeot to the mix in 2020.

Although he and his family are now set for life, Djokovic never forgets to give back to his country. His Novak Djokovic Foundation maintains educational initiatives for underprivileged children.

The Foundation has managed to build and repurpose at least 18 schools and helped over 10,000 children to date.

Nole also participated in plenty of charity matches that produced funds for the reconstruction of the Avala Tower, as well as to aid victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake and 2010-11 Queensland floods.

The tennis superstar has also been known to generously donate his prize money from time to time, giving an unspecified amount to Serbian flood victims back in 2014. His foundation even shelled out an additional $600,000 for their relief efforts.

Djokovic certainly carries himself in a calm and collected demeanor, which doesn’t necessarily mirror his style on the court.

Nole is an aggressive baseline player, whose legendary groundstrokes from both wings are considered consistent, deep, and penetrating. His flexibility, length, and balance are all top-notch, allowing him to truly be one of the true GOATs of the sport.

The injury bug has tested him over the last few years, but Djokovic still manages to continue defying Father Time. While it remains unclear if he can still keep up the same high level of play as he gets up in age, Djokovic has indeed already accomplished milestones that most players can only dream of.

His rivalries with Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and Andy Murray have turned him into a household name and a favorite among big-time sponsors. While a new generation of tennis stars are now making a name for themselves, Djokovic’s star power is undeniable and will likely earn him even more partnerships in the coming years.

Djokovic poured his heart and soul for the sport and it has rewarded him back with extreme wealth and fame.