Nuggets news: Isaiah Thomas says Warriors star Klay Thompson is the best shooter ever
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Isaiah Thomas says Warriors star Klay Thompson is the best shooter ever


Denver Nuggets guard Isaiah Thomas chimed in on the all-time best shooter debate and to no surprise, Klay Thompson’s 52-point performance and a record-breaking 14 3-pointers against the Chicago Bulls were enough to garner Thomas’ vote.

Revisionist’s history tells a slightly different tale, as the Nuggets guard might be just a fan of the game like many others carried by the latest events. Only two days prior, Thomas claimed Stephen Curry was his favorite shooter, as he was coming off a 51-point outing against the Washington Wizards.

Regardless of opinion, the Golden State Warriors backcourt is often 1A and 1B when it comes to the best active shooters in the league, making them perhaps the deadliest shooting backcourt combination of all-time, with their names often very close to each other in the record books.

Thompson and Curry have etched their names as some of the best marksmen in NBA history, currently owning six of the top seven marks for most 3-pointers made in a season, with all-time 3-point king Ray Allen taking sixth place in the conversation. The Nuggets do not have any of that.

Klay tied Chandler Parsons’ record for most 3-pointers made in one half (10) and slayed the all-time mark of 3-pointers made in a game by one-upping his teammate Curry, who will surely come gunning for his record once again.

Thomas has shown the appreciation for these shooting displays, regardless of which of these two 3-point snipers winds up with the distinction of the best ever.