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L2M report says referees missed crucial foul call on Ian Mahinmi versus Nuggets

nikola jokic

The NBA’s Last 2 Minute Report has been released for the game between the Denver Nuggets and Washington Wizards on Monday. The report shows that there was a missed call during the match, just like other versions that have been made last season.

With 32.2 seconds left in the fourth quarter, Jamal Murray knocked down a jumper to cut their deficit to two points. However, the referees did not call a foul on Ian Mahinmi, when he pushed off Nikola Jokic under the basket. It could’ve resulted to an additional free throw that may have changed the complexion of the game..

“Mahinmi (WAS) dislodges Jokic (DEN) from his rebounding position during the shot attempt,” the report said.

On the ensuing play, Jokic accidentally bumped into Wizards head coach Scott Brooks, which resulted to a technical foul called on him. That play cannot be changed or be considered a wrong call though, as making contact with the opposing coach merits such sanction. He was asked to give his take on it, and he shared that he did not do it on purpose, as he was looking at the scoreboard that time, according to Harrison Wind of BSN Denver.

Nikola Jokic

David Zalubowski/The Associated Press

“We scored and I looked at the referee because I thought it was a foul,” Jokic said. “I think I tried to look at the scoreboard and I hit the coach.”

While the league office may admit that there are missed calls during the last two minutes of games, it still remains a controversial part of the NBA’s rule book. Its purpose has been questioned by players and coaches in the past, as it will not change the outcome of games despite finding out about which calls should have been made. Another cause of concern for them is always putting the blame on the referees, which places them on a bad light, and does not help their credibility at all.

Many expected that the release of L2M Reports will already be discontinued this season, but Adam Silver and company did not discuss that during the offseason. For now, it will remain part of the required reports to be made for all games with a winning margin of five points or less, and it can be expected to continue being an unpopular one among coaches and players.