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Michael Malone preaching ‘sacrifice’ ahead of Nuggets’ 2019-20 season


The Nuggets rose to elite-team status last year when they won 54 games. They did this with a solid group of role players and up and coming stars. In the offseason, they shied away from luring in an elite player and focused on developing their core. As such, the 2019-20 season will feature a tighter and deeper Nuggets squad. Given this new reality, head coach Michael Malone says that sacrifice will be the name of the game.

“You could almost make the argument that we’re too deep,” Malone said, per Nick Kosmider of The Athletic, after Denver’s preseason-opening win Tuesday night, punctuating the line with a light chuckle. “We’ve got a lot players that are going to be hard to get them minutes this year.”

“If everyone is true to their word, and we’re really buying in to trying to be a championship-caliber team, then the word we talked about opening night (of training camp) was sacrifice,” Malone said. “It’s like a paradox, right? How do I sacrifice in the moment for something that is going to help me in my future?”

Many have said that the 2019-20 season is going to be an exciting year as a ‘balance of power’ was achieved in the offseason. Each fan will have their own favorite to win the title. But from a broader perspective, it’s anyone’s ball game. And the Nuggets have a pretty good shot at that elusive Larry O’Brien trophy.