Nuggets news: Michael Malone says Denver is 'not actively shopping' any of their players
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Michael Malone says Nuggets are ‘not actively shopping’ any of their players

Michael Malone

As every team decides whether they are buying or selling, the Denver Nuggets seem to be taking a neutral approach.

As teams across the league are deciding whether or not they are buyers or sellers, the Nuggets remain still. They like what they have on the roster and don’t need to make any more moves.

Head coach Mike Malone completely agrees with this sentiment. He told the Denver Post:

“We love where we’re at. I don’t think, as a team, we’re out there actively shopping any of our players. It’s been a great season for us. At this time of year, I think every player gets a little bit nervous, but my whole focus is trying to find a way to beat Brooklyn. … Message to the players is ‘always control what you can control.’ And the trade tradeline, and if you get traded or not, is out of your control. Do your job, do it well, and if something happens, it happens. It’s a business.”

The Nuggets this season had been in the first seed of the West until about mid-January.

Nikola Jokic has really come into his own and proven himself to be one of the best centers in the entire NBA. His ability as a post scorer and the primary playmaker for Denver has shone brightly.

The combination of Jokic, as well as sharpshooters like Jamaal Murray and Will Barton, have headlined an offense that has averaged 106.5 points per game.

This ranks sixth overall in the NBA as a whole.