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Nikola Jokic hints at subtle change that could spark huge Nuggets season

Nikola Jokic Nuggets

Denver Nuggets star Nikola Jokic was fully deserving of the NBA MVP award last season. One of the biggest reasons was the extent of his availability.

The Joker hasn’t missed a game in the last two seasons, despite both of them being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Jokic has played in nearly 96% of his contests for the Nuggets throughout his six-year NBA career. But just because he hasn’t broken down yet, that doesn’t mean he should be pushing his luck.

In his recent sitdown interview with reporters, Nikola Jokic was much more open to taking a rest. He’s had conversations with the medical staff, and it sounds more likely than not that he may take a few games off next season.

Via Mike Singer of the Denver Post:

Unlike last season, when Jokic’s stubborn streak got the best of him and he refused to rest during his MVP campaign, the 26-year-old is already taking a more prudent approach to his health this season. He stressed how much trust he has in the team’s medical staff, suggesting he’d follow their guidance amid the grind of a new season.

“I think (resting is) a smart thing to do, especially, you see last year, how many players got injured,” Jokic said.

The Nuggets are the last team that needs reminding of the dangers injuries can have on its stars. Jamal Murray’s unfortunate injury derailed what many felt could have been the season Denver dreamed of.

The fact that Nikola Jokic will miss games isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The Joker will be fresher for the games he won’t miss, and more importantly he’ll be primed and ready for a lengthy postseason run.

Nikola Jokic has come out looking svelte in his latest offseason workouts, which — coupled with a handful of rest days — could mean he’ll be even better than his MVP season performance.