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‘Renaissance Man’ Aaron Gordon reveals how love for chess helps his game

Aaron Gordon, Nuggets

While everyone’s playing checkers (or maybe NBA 2k or Fortnite in this situation), Aaron Gordon is sticking to chess. The newest member of the Denver Nuggets has been obsessed with chess for the past few years now and admits that it has helped him hone his basketball game in more ways than one.

Gordon, one of the most athletic guys in the NBA, said the mental aspect of chess is the biggest draw for him. He even admitted he got a ton of beating from former teammate Drew Gooden (via Denver Post).

“What speaks to me (about chess) is the uniqueness to each game. I think because each person thinks a little bit differently, each game has different variables than the last one. There’s just a lot of really great life lessons that you can take out of chess. I think that’s one of my favorite parts about it is it’s very competitive, but it’s totally cerebral.”

Aside from playing chess, Gordon also opened up that he’s been more purposeful with his downtime. The former Arizona standout, who’s been logging productive minutes for the Nuggets, meditates twice a day, considering meditation an essential part of his daily routine. He also likes to read, write, paint, play golf, and make music (remember this?).

“I like that term ‘Renaissance man.’ I’m very inquisitive by nature, very active, almost hyper-active.”

In his short time with the Nuggets so far, the 25-year-old forward has showcased his maturity and development. After seven years with the Orlando Magic throwing down nasty slams, Aaron Gordon has a chance to be with a legitimate contender for years to come.