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VIDEO: Nuggets’ Nikola Jokic gets the jumper to go over Boban Marjanovic’s gigantic paw


Boban Marjanovic surprisingly received just his second start of the season for the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday, just in time for a matchup with one of the league’s premier big men: Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic. Unsurprisingly, the matchup has been pleasantly entertaining so far.

At 7’4, Boban is one of the tallest people in the NBA (and presumably the universe), and his ludicrous 7’10 wingspan makes him nearly impossible to shoot over—one would think.

Leave it to the Joker. Despite Boban and his massive hand all up in his air space, Jokic found a way to add a new clip to his highlight-reel of quirky jumpers by raining this one over his fellow Serbian.

Earlier this season, the Nuggets big man introduced us to his latest unorthodox creation: the reverse-spin Dirk-step thingy, apparently called “The Sombor Shuffle.” He’s deployed the move multiple times during the season, including this game-winner moon-ball to close out the Utah Jazz in early February.

But Boban would soon return the favor in glorious fashion—stripping Jokic leading to an uncontested dunk that got the Mavs fans and players on their feet.


Jokic is having another MVP-caliber season, putting up 20.3 points and 10.2 rebounds and 6.8 assists per game, worth the seventh-most Win Shares in basketball. The two-time All Star has led the Nuggets (43-21) to the third seed in the Western Conference entering Wednesday night.

Midway through the third quarter of Wednesday’s game, Boban (13 points, 5-10 FG) was outscoring Jokic (eight points, 4-4 FG) as the Western Conference foes were locked in a tight battle.