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Old Clip of Michael Jordan saying he wants to be remembered ‘a fun guy’ resurfaces

Michael Jordan

Fun Guy. Two words that are perhaps best associated with L.A. Clippers superstar Kawhi Leonard. Apparently, however, a certain GOAT uttered those same words in 1996. A Reddit post (credits to Reddit user u/babbagack) recently dug up an old clip of Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan saying that he wants to be remembered as a “fun guy.”

Of course, Jordan didn’t have the clout of social media when he said this back in the day. Still, it probably wouldn’t have caught on for MJ as much as Leonard made it popular.

“Fun guy” isn’t necessarily something we would associate with Michael Jordan either, considering how numerous stories of how he was with his teammates has surfaced over the past years. Likewise, his time as the Hornets owner has not been fun for the city of Charlotte either.

Leonard, on the other hand, definitely fits the moniker. He made the phrase go insanely viral last year during his introductory press conference with the Toronto Raptors. Since then, the two-time Defensive Player of the Year has made “Fun Guy” his own and even has some New Balance merchandise for it.

Asked about what people should know about him, Leonard said they should see him as a “fun guy.” He said those just a few seconds before breaking the internet with his hilariously weird laugh that became the NBA meme of 2019.

Kawhi had a magnificent run in last year’s playoffs en route to his second NBA championship. Throughout his magical run, some analysts boldly claimed that Leonard is probably the closest thing we have seen to Michael Jordan.

Arguments were made on how Leonard’s killer mentality was similar to Jordan’s. This argument is certainly warranted to be made considering how Leonard methodically breaks his opponents down, not only on offense, but more so on the defensive end.

Both Michael Jordan and Leonard have claimed they want to be remembered as “fun guys” when it’s all said and done. Unfortunately for their opponents, facing them – and having faced them (as with Jordan’s case) – on a nightly basis isn’t fun at all.