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Pac-Man themed battle royale Pac-Man 99 launches on the Nintendo Switch today

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Wakka-Wakka. PAC-MAN stands as one of the undeniable pioneers of the video game industry. The small pellet-munching video game icon dominated early arcades alongside fellow titans Super Mario and Donkey Kong. Now, Pac-man returns to the video game stage with a truly modern take on the classic video game. Fight for the right to be crowned the king of the Pac-man Pack in Pac-Man 99. If Tetris could make it as a battle royale, why can’t Pac-Man?


Battle Royale dominated the gaming scene with the introduction of the format with PUBG. Naturally, several other developers looked to find ways to capitalize on the success of the genre with their own creative spin. Before the Tetris battle royale released for the Nintendo Switch, many multiplayer competitive Tetris games released online. This time, however, Pac-Man steps boldly into the battle royale format with no prior established competitive game.

Normally, such a prospect proves daunting but Bandai Namco Entertainment rose to the challenge. Pac-Man 99 offers the classic dot-eating experience but with new game-changing mechanics. Pac-Man 99 operates similarly to Tetris 99. Players fight individually with their own screen that’s reminiscent of classic Pac-man. Each ghost kill sends transparent mini Pac-men to the screens of enemy players. Veteran players of the old insatiable puck need to get used to many of the new tricks to take down their opponents.

At its core, Pac-Man 99 is a battle royale. Similar to other battle royales, players fight off against attacking enemies until only one is crowned king. It’s a daunting task to fend off 98 Pac-men but that’s the challenge you have to finish in this exciting new take on a classic video game. Get ready to eat dots and send ghosts to your adversaries.

Pac-Man 99 officially launches tonight at 6:00 pm PST / 9:00 pm EST for Nintendo Switch Online members.