Pacers news: GM Chad Buchanan confident Victor Oladipo will return to dominant self
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Pacers GM Chad Buchanan confident Victor Oladipo will return to dominant self

Victor Oladipo, Chad Buchanan

Indiana Pacers general manager Chad Buchanan isn’t worried about Victor Oladipo being a different type of player once he returns from injury.

Oladipo continues to rehab, and while there’s still no timetable for his return to the court, it’s clear that he’s working hard to get back on track this season.

And while there are many people concerned about Oladipo’s impact once he does get back on the floor, Buchanan thinks he’ll be the elite playmaker that he was prior to the injury.

Here’s what Buchanan had to say about Oladipo’s status, courtesy of Akeem Glaspie of the Indianapolis Star:

“It was a very unique injury, a very rare injury, so we’ll be patient with it,” Buchanan said. “You guys know Vic; he’s an ideal worker, so we feel confident that he’s going to get back to what he was before.”

Oladipo played in 36 games last season and averaged 18.8 points, 5.6 rebounds, and 5.2 assists per game before the injury in January.

Obviously, he’s the player that the Pacers have built the franchise around, and there’s no doubt that the team wants to see him back on the court.

But just like Buchanan said, it’s not something that the team is going to rush him back from since it’s a unique injury with a unique rehab process.

Once Oladipo does get back in the lineup, it will be a huge boost for the Pacers as they try to compete for an Eastern Conference title.