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Pacers’ awesome jersey tribute for the late, great Slick Leonard

Pacers, Slick Leonard

The Indiana Pacers are making sure they can properly honor the late Bobby “Slick” Leonard throughout the remainder of the 2020-21 season.

Slick Leonard passed away last week at the age of 88. The reason or cause of his death was not revealed, but his sudden passing certainly shocked the whole sporting world–particularly the NBA and the Pacers organization where he had such a huge impact in his years of playing and coaching.

Now, Indiana took a significant step to remember one of the best coaches in franchise history. As the team revealed on Twitter, they have added a “Slick” black stripe on the left shoulder area of their jersey as a tribute to the legend.

In a press release, Pacers president Kevin Pritchard emphasized the importance of Slick Leonard to the organization and how he helped shape the team to what it is today.

“Slick was one of the most instrumental people in making this franchise what it is today, a legend who made all our lives better through his passion and presence,” Pritchard added. “We will miss him dearly, and this uniform stripe is just a reminder of what he has represented to the Indiana Pacers organization for more than fifty years.”

This is certainly an awesome gesture from the Pacers, something that fans will surely  love and appreciate. In fact, one can say the organization should keep it there for a long time, or even permanently, considering the influence of Leonard to the whole team.

After all, Leonard is the most successful coach in franchise history, having transformed the team into a powerhouse in the ABA en route to winning three titles–the only championships in the history of the organization.