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Myles Turner posts best net rating while Lance Stephenson post worst in series loss vs. Cavs

lance stephenson, myles turner

It took a complete team effort for the Indiana Pacers to even force their series with the Cleveland Cavaliers to reach Game 7, but not all of their players lived up to the expectations. One of those guys is Lance Stephenson who gets a lot of hype because of his antics against LeBron James, and although he is a fan favorite he actually wasn’t much help in Game 7.

According to Basketball-reference.com, when Stephenson was on the court the Pacers were a -19 compared to the +15 they were without him on the floor. He played 12 minutes in the game putting up eight points and one rebound. He also didn’t knock James off his game much, so he didn’t have much of a positive effect on the contest.

The best player in terms of plus/minus for the Pacers was Myles Turner. The Pacers were a +10 when he was on the court and a -14 when he was on the bench. Myles Turner played 25 minutes in the game putting up eight points and four rebounds before fouling out near the end.

A big reason for the difference in plus/minus for the two was that Turner was in the game during the start of the third quarter when the Pacers made their big comeback to get themselves back in the game.

All that said, the Pacers’ effort was still not enough as James and the Cavs were too much. One of the most interesting plus/minuses from the Cavs was that of James. According to Basketball-reference.com, he was actually a -2 throughout the game.