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Pacers’ Myles Turner ghosts social media as he fights through slump

Myles Turner, Pacers

Plenty of athletes love to engage with fans on social media. Kevin Durant has never been afraid to respond to criticism. LeBron James often uses Twitter as an extension of his personal brand. But Indiana Pacers center Myles Turner? He would rather focus on basketball for the time being.

The 23-year-old is struggling to establish some momentum after returning from an ankle injury on Nov. 16, and he is apparently trying to eliminate all potential distractions.

Per J. Michael of the Indianapolis Star.

It appears that after Saturday’s 119-116 loss at Wells Fargo Center, Turner has ghosted his social media. He has deactivated his Twitter account. His Instagram still exists but nothing is on it as of Sunday afternoon.

Turner has had it rough the last few times on the floor. He was bullied by Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid on Saturday night, scoring just three points and often spending portions of the game on the bench due to foul trouble. Turner was 1-of-8 from the field, just one game removed from a 5-of-16 shooting performance.

Indiana has still had their share of success despite Turner’s struggles on the offensive end. In fact, the Pacers are 5-2 since Turner returned to the lineup.

Still, there is no denying that Turner has looked a bit helpless with the ball in his hands, especially around the basket. Despite shooting over 42 percent from three-point range, Turner is shooting under 47 percent on all of his twos. He is shooting under 60 percent at the rim, which is less than ideal for a big man.

Regardless, Turner is hoping that a clear mind can help him find his groove offensively.