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Reggie Miller sees Pacers fighting for East’s 4th seed

Pacers, Reggie Miller

Indiana Pacers great Reggie Miller has a ton of faith in the current team, who is competing for home court advantage in the first round of the 2020 Eastern Conference playoffs.

Miller, a Hall of Fame shooting guard and now a broadcaster for TNT, praised how the Pacers are playing at the moment as they fight for postseason seeding in the final weeks of the 2019-20 NBA regular season.

However, as they make a push for the top seeds in the East, Miller doesn’t see the team resting All-Star guard Victor Oladipo a lot.

“The Pacers believe they could put a stretch and run together,” Reggie Miller said, per NBA TV’s “The Warm Up” via IndyStar’s Chris Sims. “I don’t see a lot of load management for Oladipo. I think they want to make a push to get to that fourth spot.”

The Pacers saw bright spot wing Jeremy Lamb go down last Sunday, tearing his ACL. However, Lamb being sidelined coincided with Oladipo returning from his own injury.

Oladipo ruptured his quad tendon in January 2019, returning last month and working his way back through load management along with a nagging back injury.

While Miller is confident in these Pacers, they are still facing stiff competition in the Eastern Conference. The Milwaukee Bucks lead the pack in first place in the East along with defending champion Toronto Raptors, and it is likely to stay that way for the rest of the regular season.

Meanwhile, the revamped Boston Cetlics are the current third seed, with the Miami Heat and Philadelphia 76ers occupying the fourth and fifth seeds, respectively.