Pacers video: Thaddeus Young rips own jersey while heading to the bench
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Video: Thaddeus Young rips own jersey while heading to the bench

Thaddeus Young

We are starting to believe that Nike used paper bags in making the uniforms NBA players are wearing this season. The new Nike-produced on-court garbs have been heavily hyped up back in the offseason but the sports apparel giant appeared to have forgotten the concept of quality control.

We’re not sure about that, but we need some explanation to the increasing number of occurrences in which NBA players’ jerseys are ruptured as easily as the way the Atlanta Hawks tore apart their starting roster from last season.

We get to see another jersey casualty Sunday, when Indiana Pacers forward Thaddeus Young walked to the bench and went full-Hulk Hogan on his uniform, ripping it apart out of frustration, during a home loss to the Houston Rockets.

If we’re counting it correctly, that’s the sixth torn Nike jersey since NBA players started wearing them in the preseason. That’s more destroyed uniforms than the wins nine NBA teams have so far this season.

That should be enough to launch a national investigation, as clearly, someone must answer for the sad death of uniforms.

Or maybe players just became too strong that they’ve evolved to the point they can channel their inner Bo Jackson like it’s no biggie.