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The Pacers will either trade Myles Turner or Domantas Sabonis this offseason

The Indiana Pacers are at another crossroads in their franchise. After being swept three times in four years in the playoffs, something has to change. Nate McMillan is no longer the coach, but the Pacers may also look to revamp a roster that is starting to become stagnant.

On the daily Locked On Pacers Podcast, hosts Adam Friedman and Tony East explain why they believe the Pacers will move on from one of Myles Turner and Domantas Sabonis this offseason in a trade.

Adam Friedman: One of Myles Turner or Domantas Sabonis will be traded by Indiana this offseason, and if they’re not that is a travesty for the franchise.

Tony East: Will?! One will be traded? There it is.

Adam: One of them will be traded. How could they not be? Tell me in what world, when they say ‘we want to go in a different direction and build this kind of new offense’, they then keep both players. In what world would they do that? I mean, if McMillan’s the Pacers coach, of course they’re bringing the same guys back and rolling it back. But they clearly want to make a change going in another direction, and you can’t do that with two centers, you just can’t.

Tony: Like, I’ll say this, every indication is that they’re better with just one of Turner or Sabonis on the floor, and the writing’s on the wall that they’re going to move on. And I think it’s extremely likely still that one of them gets moved. But… they both still wanna play together and make it work, and they both are good and locked up for a long time. Now, I understand that they’re probably better without both and I think they should move one, but I don’t know that unless the coach they hire says, ‘I can’t do this,’ that they’re gonna actively seek a trade for one of the two. I can’t explain why I just get this itch that they’re gonna say, ‘oh, we didn’t have both in the playoffs.’ And they might try to keep both now, I still think they should and it’s likely that they trade one of them.