Packers news: Aaron Jones reveals expectations for training camp
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Aaron Jones reveals expectations for Packers reporting to training camp

Aaron Jones, Packers

Having to stay in shape amid the restrictions placed in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has provided its own set of challenges for players preparing for the 2020 NFL season. With training camp just weeks away, it seems Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones is still not sure what to expect as far as safety protocols go.

Jones admitted during an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show that while he has not been informed of any guidelines, he is confident the league and NFLPA are coming up with a solution, via NFL Update:

Packers RB Aaron Jones said as far as he knows the team is supposed to report to camp on the 28th. He says he hasn’t been informed on the exact guidelines yet, but expects the NFL & NFLPA to figure it out.

Jones’ confidence in the NFL is something that has been resonated by other players throughout the league. Although it is encouraging to see them giving the front office and NFLPA the benefit of the doubt up to this point, time is running out for them to establish viable, safety guidelines for teams to follow by the time training camp begins.

This level of uncertainty has only raised further questions regarding the status of the upcoming season. Reports indicate that both sides have managed to figure out everything except for the number of preseason games and testing protocols.

Meanwhile, Jones is focused on following up his breakout 2019 campaign by maintaining his workhorse status despite the arrival of rookie running back AJ Dillon.