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Aaron Rodgers claims win over Texans showed Packers’ true colors

Aaron Rodgers, Packers

The streaking Green Bay Packers were stopped on their tracks by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a Week 6 matchup which ended on a 38-10 beating by the Tom Brady-led team.

With a stain on their previously unbeaten record, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers knew that the previous loss was a wake-up call for them to learn from their mistakes and do better in their coming games. He and his team successfully bounced back as they vented ire on the struggling Houston Texans squad in Week 7 proceedings.

“I said it was an anomaly,” Rodgers said, via Ryan Wood of PackersNews.com. “And, obviously, we wanted to back that up. Not that if it would have gone the other way, it wouldn’t have been. That game is an outlier, I believe, and today was more in line with our first four weeks. I know we’re in Week 7, but they’ve had a lot of turmoil over there on that side. A game that if we want to be a great team, we’ve got to win these games.”

The Packers’ offensive and defensive rotation immediately went to work right from the get-go. They managed to hold the Texans to a scoreless first half while also putting up 21 points before the first half ended.

The two-time NFL MVP produced 283 passing yards on 23-of-34 passes completed along with four touchdowns. Running back Jamaal Williams stepped up for Aaron Jones who continues to miss time due to a mild calf strain. He contributed 77 rushing yards on 19 carries and a scoring drive for his team.

Packers receiver Davante Adams also had a big game with 196 receiving yards on 13 receptions and two scoring touchdowns. The Wisconsin-based squad eventually won on a 35-20 beating which served Texans interim head coach Romeo Crennel his second-straight loss.

Rodgers and his team will aim to carry the momentum as they host the Minnesota Vikings on November 1 for Week 8 action.