Packers news: Aaron Rodgers comments on Mike Daniels' release
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Packers QB Aaron Rodgers comments on Mike Daniels’ release

Aaron Rodgers, Mike Daniels

The Green Bay Packers made a pretty shocking move this week when the released star defensive lineman Mike Daniels.

Although he didn’t exactly put up big numbers last year, his impact goes far beyond the stat sheet. However, it appears the Packers felt it was time for a change.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers was just as surprised as anyone, and commented on the situation.

Here’s the bad side of professional sports. By all accounts, Mike Daniels was a great teammate. He always seemed to be having a good time and putting up solid numbers. Meanwhile, he was a wonderful locker room presence and leader, and did a lot for his community.

All that being said, the Packers didn’t have a place for him. They seemed to feel he didn’t fit in the team’s future plans any longer. It’s not like they did anything evil. The NFL is a business and they did what they believe is best for it.

However, that doesn’t make the situation any better. Daniels will certainly be missed by his teammates and the community – and hopefully he can go to a team that can utilize him well. There’s no doubt he’ll be a great locker room presence and community leader there either.

What this is really indicative of though is the direction the Green Bay Packers are moving in. No longer are they the team you saw a few years ago. A.J. Hawk has long been gone. Clay Matthews is gone as well. They’ve lost Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb and secondary members as well.

They’re looking for a new identity around Aaron Rodgers. One they hope can bring them back to the elite of the NFL. Sadly, it appears those plans didn’t include Mike Daniels.

Packers fans, please give him one more “KAMEHAMEHA!!!” out of respect.