Packers news: Aaron Rodgers hints that lack of rest was a problem against Chargers
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Packers QB Aaron Rodgers hints that lack of rest was a problem against Chargers

Aaron Rodgers, Packers

When the Green Bay Packers traveled west to Los Angeles to play the Chargers last week, many thought the team had an easy victory on hand. However, the Packers suffered their worst loss of the year, losing 26-11 in an embarrassing game for Green Bay.

After the game, quarterback Aaron Rodgers explained why he thought the team lost, and he’s recently expanded on those thoughts, saying that a lack of rest could have factored in.

Speaking to the media (via Pro Football Talk) on Wednesday, Rodgers was asked to elaborate on remarks he made regarding the loss. Specifically, Rodgers was asked to explain what he meant when he said the team had to be “honest with its routine” in the two days leading up to the game.

According to Rodgers, he was referring to how everyone prepares while away from home.

“I just think that, you know, every time you go on a trip, we say it’s a business trip,” Rodgers said. “Our job is to go out and win games. I was basically saying all of us, we’ve gotta look at our schedule, our routine, what we did, and make sure we were getting the proper rest and taking care of ourselves the right way. Because it was such a different feeling, we just didn’t have that normal juice. I just felt like maybe we’ve got to rest more. Guys on their day off or whatever. We just look at what we did on those two days and make sure that we’re feeling super-energetic on game day. I’m not calling anybody specifically out, I was just saying there was obviously something that threw us off a little bit energetically. We’ve just got to fix that before our next trip.”

Rodgers didn’t seem to hold back in his comments, and it isn’t too hard to figure out what he’s referring to. His constant reference to “rest” and how everyone conducts themselves seems to lend itself to the idea that either players spent a bit too much time out in Los Angeles, or that the team didn’t do the right things while preparing.

Both could be likely, but as the team was in Los Angeles for a couple of days, he likely was dropping some subtle hints that players kept themselves out a bit too late at times. Thankfully for Green Bay, they’re back at home this week, and will look to head into their bye week on a good note.