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Aaron Rodgers’ Jeopardy! performance, from the eyes of show’s executive producer

Packers, Aaron Rodgers, Jeopardy, Mike Richards

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers dove head first into the world of Jeopardy fill-in hosting, taking on the role for two weeks. The 2020 NFL MVP even went as far as to call the Jeopardy gig a “dream job,” raising eyebrows everywhere. While Jeopardy fanatics and casual viewers have had their takes as to how the Packers quarterbacks has done so far, Jeopardy’s executive producer Mike Richards has his own thoughts as well.

Claire McNear of The Ringer detailed the thoughts on Rodgers’ performance so far from the perspective of Richards.

“Aaron Rodgers came in so prepared it was unbelievable,” Richards said, via The Ringer. “He approached this like he was breaking down game footage. He watched a ton of episodes and he came in with questions like, ‘Now if this happens, how do I deal with it?’ And I was like, ‘Well, that doesn’t really happen.’ And he said, ‘I saw one! I want to know because I want to be prepared.’ He came in prepared like an MVP quarterback would for a huge game.”

It’s no surprise the attention to detail Rodgers has given the hosting role, given how he has approached his successful career in the NFL.

Richards noted that the Packers signal caller seemed a tad nervous in his first episode before really settling in.

“The intensity goes up in the real game, which Aaron found out,” Richards said, via NBC Sports. “You can see, even with the second show, his voice got better, his command got better, he started to enjoy it and have fun. But the truth is, you never truly relax. You’ve got the open, introducing the categories, 15 questions, the short interviews with the players, 15 more questions, 30 questions in Double Jeopardy, sum up, introduce Final Jeopardy, then do that, and through it all, you’re the arbiter of every question.”

So far, so good for the Packers franchise cornerstone. With just a few episodes left in the tank for Rodgers, viewers will get to formulate their own opinions once Rodgers’ time is up as guest host. It sure didn’t hurt having a viral moment on day one.