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Packers QB Aaron Rodgers says it’s time to move on from Anthony Barr hit

Minnesota Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr became public enemy No. 1 in Green Bay after his hit on Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers last season. As if the season-ending broken collarbone Rodgers sustained on the hit wasn’t enough, Rodgers claimed Barr also added some insults to injury after the fact.

But after a couple months have passed, Rodgers says he’s ready to move on with the whole Barr situation and urges everyone to do the same.

“I mean, I think it’s time to move on for everybody,” Rodgers said to Peter King of NBC Sports. I had looked over just to see if maybe there was gonna be a thumbs up, or hey you okay? Or whatever. It’s a league where you appreciate what we put our bodies through. I thought … knowing that I wouldn’t be on the ground unless it was a significant injury then maybe he’d be looking over, giving me a thumbs-up-you-okay? Or something. But it wasn’t the case. We had some words exchanged on both sides.”

Rodgers’ account of the whole incident doesn’t quite jibe with Barr’s version, as the linebacker denied Rodgers’ accusations. But regardless of what really happened in that game and who said or did what, Rodgers would like to put all of that behind them.

Of course, Rodgers’ resolve with that noble stance will be put to the test when he and Barr face off for the first time again. Luckily, the wait for that much-awaited matchup won’t be too long as the Packers and Vikings meet in Week 2 at Green Bay.