Packers news: Aaron Rodgers critical of officiating after win vs. Panthers
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Packers QB Aaron Rodgers shared criticism for officiating after win vs. Panthers

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The Green Bay Packers managed to edge out the Carolina Panthers, 24-16, in a fight that was a lot closer than what was first imagined. The Packers were pushed to the limit as the Panthers managed to fight them blow for blow.

Aaron Rodgers was unexpectedly average in the performance but managed to do just enough inside the pocket to get the Packers in a winning position.

However, one of the biggest talking points coming out of the game was the questionable roughing call the referees gave defensive tackle Gerald McCoy. While McCoy was able to get his revenge later on in the game, plenty of Carolina fans are still upset that the miscall resulted in a Green Bay touchdown.

Rodgers doesn’t see anything wrong with the call, however. In fact, he’s relieved that the call went their way. He told Matt Schneidman his thoughts about the McCoy call.

“I must say, it’s nice to be on this side of one of those calls. I feel like we still are owed a few more before we’re even. I didn’t feel like that was a real tough call, though.”

His claim definitely raised plenty of question marks from fans. For him to say that the team is owed a couple more of these dubious calls isn’t exactly a mature take on such a tough issue.

Moreover, his form during the game left a lot to be desired. He finished with 233 passing yards and no touchdowns. It was Aaron Jones who managed to score all of the team’s touchdowns.