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Packers QB Aaron Rodgers to return to Green Bay this season

Packers, Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network decided Monday would be a good time to drop an absolute nuke on Twitter. And it’s the kind of report that has fans of the Green Bay Packers likely smiling from ear to ear.

Knowing that it’s coming from Rapoport and not some random account and that he notes specifically that Aaron Rodgers has said to those close to him that he plans on playing for the Packers this season, it all seems to be falling into place for Green Bay.

Now the kicker could come down the road. Is this going to be a one last ride scenario for Rodgers with the Packers or will they resolve most of his issues with the front office to the point where he sticks around for the long haul? While there are still those questions out there, the news from Rapoport could give Green Bay all the stability they need for the short term.

The reigning MVP has reportedly lost trust in the Packers front office, specifically with general manager Brian Gutekunst. It apparently had gotten so bad that Rodgers was going through plenty of options this offseason that revolved around him not returning to Green Bay. Now, it appears that mindset has changed.

With Rodgers back in the fold, the Packers are a legitimate contender to win it all. They came up one win short of an appearance in the Super Bowl last year and revenge will be on the mind this year and with No. 12 back under center, Green Bay has as good a shot as anyone.